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AMCAT Test , AMCAT Syllabus And AMCAT Question Paper


Well students who heard first time about AMCAT test there first reaction is what is AMCAT. In this article you get the information about what is AMCAT test , how to prepare for AMCAT and what type of questions asked in AMCAT test.

AMCAT is an employment test the full form of AMCAT is Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test. AMCAT test is used to check students aptitude , reasoning and technical skills. Many companies used AMCAT test to select students for their organisation. The cost of AMCAT test is around Rs. 485.

AMCAT is a computer based test.

How to prepare for AMCAT Test 

AMCAT test includes following sections-

In AMCAT Compulsory modules

1. English Comprehension
2. Quantitative Ability
3. Logical Ability

In AMCAT Optional modules

1. Computer Literacy
2. Computer Programming Principles and Application
3. Electronics and Semiconductor
4. Civil Engineering
5. Mechanical
6. Finance

Books for AMCAT Test

Many students asked which book i follow for AMCAT test. Which book is helpful to score good marks in AMCAT Test.

Here is a list of books which is helpful for AMCAT Test.

Quantitative Aptitude

A Modern Approach To Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning

Test Your C Skills

Test Your C++ Skills

How to Register fo AMCAT Test

Follow the link given below and register yourself for AMCAT test

Register For AMCAT

Book your AMCAT slot online

Follow the above link if for any reason the above link is not working then visit to and register yourself for the test after registering choose the venue of test and pay online for this test.

AMCAT Question Paper And AMCAT Syllabus

AMCAT 2012 Syllabus

  •    1. Synonyms/Antonyms/Word Meaning (Vocabloury)
  •    2. Complete the Sentence (Grammar)
  •    3. Spot error/Correct sentence (Grammar/sentence construction)
  •    4. Sentence Ordering (Comprehension skills)
  •    5. Questions based on passage (Comprehension skills)

  •    1. Basic Math Understanding and Algrebra: Decimals, fractions, powers, HCF, LCM, Solving equations, etc.
  •    2. Word Problems
  •    3. Understanding of Logarithms and exponents
  •    4. Permutation and Combination, Probability

  •    1. Analogical Reasoning: Analogy and Classification questions
  •    2. Deductive Logic: Statement-Conclusion, Statement-Assumption, Data-sufficiency type, Syllogisms, etc.
  •    3. Pattern Recognition: Coding and Decoding Questions, Alphabet Test
  •    4. Composition of Complex relations: Blood Relation, Direction Understanding, Logical Word Sequence
  •    5. Reasoning Puzzles, Theme Detection

This test is based on no particular programming language. The test is completely language independent and tests the programming and algorithm development concepts of the candidate. The topics include:

1. Structure and constructs of Computer Programs
  •    a. Programming flow, Procedures, Functions and Arguments, Methods
  •    b. Data-types, how data is stored in computers, input/outpu, manipulation, methods of referencing and assessing data (including pointers).
  •    c. Iteration, decision-making, recursions
  •    d. Algorithm Complexity: Space and time Complexity, Asymptotic Notation
  •    e. Compilation, Linking and Execution; debugging, kinds of errors.

2. Data-structures and Basics Algorithms
  •    a. Data Storage Methods: Linked lists, Arrays, Queues, Stacks, Trees, Heaps, Hash tables, graphs; Stress on which data structure to use for a given application
  •    b. Data retrieval, Insertion of new data, merging of data from two data structures
  •    c. Data search and sorting, Methods of array sorting and trade-off

3. Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  •    a. Classes, objects and methods
  •    b. Data Encapsulation, Data hiding, Inheritance
  •    c. Polymorphism, Overloading, Abstraction

  •    1. Basic Hardware Usage, Maintenance and Organisation
  •    2. Operating System Usage
  •    3. Basic Software and Internet
AMCAT Practice Paper

For AMCAT sample paper just create your account in AMCAT website after sign-in you get the link of AMCAT sample paper.
For more information visit to: Aspiring mind website

AMCAT Sample Question Paper AMCAT Previous Year Question Paper

AMCAT 2012 Schedule

For amcat 2012 visit to

Elitmus test

NOTE: If you have any questions related to AMCAT please post a comment below.


  1. i have registerd when do i get password to login to my accont

  2. @ shashi password is sent to your mail check it

  3. Are the biotech students eligible to write AMCAT test ? what is the syllabus to be referred for technical questions ?

  4. Nice post, to know more about syllabus for amcat exam click here

  5. i want to know about the optional section of amcat,i mean is it optional that we do it or not?

  6. also tell me the fee of amcat,i m student of

  7. how much scores are required to get in to the job after taking AMCAT and if anybody gets less marks then job offers will come to that person or not

  8. how much scores are required to get in to the job after taking AMCAT and if anybody gets less marks then job offers will come to that person or not

  9. yes they will also got the opportunities to call..but if you will got the higher marks then that will be better because they provide the chances to sit in mnc companies.
    i am placed in IBM due to amcat..i had done the all prepration for amcat from

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  11. amcat helped lot of students getting getter career oppertunities. It helped me too Although i was from best school in jaipur so my basics were cleared but the platform is the important.


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