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Pondicherry at a Glance

Capital : Pondicherry
Area : 479 sq km
Population : 12,44,464 (Census 2011)
Principal Languages : Tamil, French, Telugu, Malayalam and English

Pondicherry, the former French establishment in India was taken over on 1st November, 1954 by the Government of India following an agreement with the French Government. The territory of Pondicherry, Karikal, Mahe and Yenam lie seattered in South India. Pondicherry is bounded on the east by Bay of Bengal, and on the other three sides by Tamil Nadu.

The region consists of (1) Coromondel Coast, (2) Andhra Coast, (3) Kerala Coast.

Districts (4) : Pondicherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yenam.

Besides rice other minor foodcrops are ragi, bajra and pulses. Main cash crops are sugarcane, groundnut and cotton.

Industry produces such items as textiles, sugar, yarn, spirit and beer, potassium chlorate, rice-bran oil, autoparts, soap, talcum powder, amino acids, syringes, washing machines, glass and tin containers etc.

Pondicherry is a window to French colonial history, French culture and heritage in India. Place of interest are—Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Bharathi and Bharathidasan Memorial Museum, Govt. Square, Botanical Garden, Sacred Heard of Jesus Church, Joan of Arc, Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Auroville and Boat Club etc.

Agriculture : Nearly 24.37 per cent of the population of the Union Territory is engaged in agriculture and allied pursuits. 80.7% of the cultivated area is irrigated. Paddy is the predominant crop (65%) followed by pulses. Mahe region contributes to the plantation wealth of this territory. Crops like coconut, areca nut, condiments and spices are grown here. Paddy crop is a major crop and pulses, groundnut and chillies are the other rainfed crops grown in Yanam.
Transport : Roads nearly 677.525 km. of various category are being maintained by Roads Divisions of PWD Puducherry. Construction of bridges and improvement of roads are under progress.

Pondicherry Government Official Website :

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