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Rajasthan Teacher’s Eligibility Test (RTET) 2012

Rajasthan Teacher’s Eligibility Test (RTET) 2012(Teachers for classes VI to X)  Social Science Part-I
(Exam Held On: 09-09-2012)

1.  The employees earn salary while peasants plough the kings’s land.” With refernece to which ruler
     was this statement made by the Chinese traveller?
     a) Harshavardhan
     b) Chandragupta I
     c) Chandragupta II
     d) Samundragupta

2.  Which Chola ruler captured Kanchi defating Pallavas?
     a) Parantaka I
     b) Aditya I
     c) Vijayalaya
     d) Rajendra Chola II

3.  Which South Indian dynasty divided the State into Nation (Rashtra) Kottam and Village (Gram)?
     a) Chollas
Pallavas     c) Rashtrakutas
     d) Chalukyas

4.  During the rule of which dynasty did Kanheri University became popular?
     b) Cholas

     c) Chalukyas
     d) Pallavas

5.  In which state is Rampurva’s Ashok pillar with Bull Capital located?
Bihar     b) Bengal
     c) Assam
     d) Uttar Pradesh

 6.  The Constitution of India was adopted by
Constituent Assembly     b) Parliament
     c) Lok Sabha

     d) Rajya Sabha

7.  In which part of the Constituion of India does the term, ‘Secular’ was added later on?
     a) Fundamental rights
     b) Directive Principle of State Policy
Preamble     d) All of these

8.  Which Article of Children’s Bill of Rights (1992) says, “I have the rights to know about my rights”?
Article 42
     b) Article 12, 13
     c) Article 23, 28, 29
    d) Article 36

 9.  Which of the following is not a Fundamental Right?
     a) Right of Equality
     b) Right to Freedom

     c) Franchise     d) Right to Constitutional remedies 

10. In which Article of Part ‘IV’ of the Constitution have Fundamental Duties been incorporated?
      b) 42
      c) 50
      d) 52

11. In which ocean is ‘Mariana Trench’ located?
      a) Indian Ocean
Pacific Ocean
      c) Atlantic Ocean
      d) Arctic Ocean

12.  According to area which is the largest and smallest continents of the world?
      a) Africa and Australia
      b) Asia and Antarctica
Asia and Australia
      d) North America and Antarctica

 13. Which one of the following is not a sphere of the Earth?
      a) Atmosphere

      b) Ozonosphere      c) Biosphere
      d) Lithosphere

14. Marble is an example of
Metamorphic rock      b) Sedimentary rock
      c) Igneous rock 

      d) Plutonic rock  

15. The combined action of weathering and erosion is known as
      a) Decompostion
      b) Hydration
      c) Carbonation

16. Which landform is known as ‘roof of the world’?
      a) Great Himalayas
Pamir Plateau      c) Tibetan Plateau 
      d) Deccan Plateau  

17. In which state of India ‘Kal Vaishakhi’ winds are usually prevalent during summer season?
West Bengal
      b) Assam

      c) Orissa
      d) Bihar 

18. In which area of India is Yak animal found?
      a) Sunderban
      b) Arunachal Pradesh
      c) Darjeeling 

      d) Ladakh  

19. Which one of the following places is having manufacturing unit of antibiotic medicine?
Hrishikesh      b) Dehradun
      c) Shimla
      d) Chandigarh

20. In which year was ‘Consumer Protection Act’ introduced in India?
      a) 1982
1986      c) 1988
      d) 1991
21. For heritage conservation, in which year Monument, Archaeological Site and Antiquity Act was
      implemented in Rajasthan?
      a) 1961
      c) 1947
      d) 1952

22. What is ‘Balad’?
      a) The tradition of Mand singing.
A herd of bulls, on whose back commodities for sale are carried by Binjaro.      c) A synonym of “Aulayn”.
      d) The event of taking cattle to other land areas to explore the availability of food-water in
          the wake of famine.

23. Which of the following statements regarding the Rajasthan hero Manikyalal Verma is not true?
      a) He was born at Bijolia.

      b) He was a peasant in his early life.      c) He was connected with the Bijolia peasant movement for a long time.
      d) He became the Prime Minister of Greater Rajasthan after independence.

24. In how many volumes is “Vatan ri Phulwari” the invaluable literary heritage of Rajasthan is divided into?
      a) 8
      b) 10
      d) 16

 25. In which district is the historical place “Mangarh” situated?
      a) Dungarpur
      b) Pratapgarh
      d) Rajsamand 

      d) Banswara  

26. Which one of the following project types has been suggested by Thomas M. Risk for secondary
Social Projects      b) Economic Projects
      c) Productive Projects

      d) Environmental Projects  

27. Which one of the following is the main objective of evaluation in Social Science?
      a) Assessment of the knowledge of the students.
      b) Better classroom teaching.

      c) Educational planning.
      d) Social development

28. Which is not a characteristic of a good evaluation?
      a) Validity
      b) Reliability

      c) Diagnosticity
      d) Negativeness 

 29. Field trips are useful in Social science for
      a) Evaluation
      b) Empirical evidencies
      c) Entertainment
All of these

30. Which type of teaching aids are most useful in Social Science?
      a) Models
      b) Museum
Audio-visual aids
      d) Drawing equipment


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