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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director David Petraeus Resigned

CIA Director David Petraeus on 9 November 2012 resigned as head of the leading US spy agency shocking the intelligence community.

His resignation came on his personal choice after he had engaged in an extramarital affair and acknowledged that he showed extremely poor judgment.

In his letter to the CIA workforce, David Petraeus had asserted that he met with President Barack Obama at the White House on 8 November 2012 and asked, he to be allowed for resignation for some personal reason.

The president of US Barack Obama had accepted David Petraeus' resignation and praisied him for his work at the Central Intelligence Agency and for leading US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was FBI who had a tip that Petraeus was involved with his Biography Writer, Paula Broadwell and investigated the alleged affair to determine whether it posed a security risk.

David Petraeus before taking up as the CIA director post had retired as an Army general after nearly four decades of military service in the United States Army.  He served as a director of CIA for a period of 14 months only. He took over the office as CIA Director on 6 September 2011.

About Central Intelligence Agency Director
The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency serves as the head of the Central Intelligence Agency and reports to the Director of National Intelligence. The CIA director's responsibilities include-
• Collecting intelligence through human sources and by other appropriate means, except that he shall have no police, subpoena, or law enforcement powers or internal security functions;
• Correlating and evaluating intelligence related to the national security and providing appropriate dissemination of such intelligence;
• Providing overall direction for and coordination of the collection of national intelligence outside the United States through human sources.
• Performing such other functions and duties related to intelligence affecting the national security as the President or the Director of National Intelligence may direct.

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