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Object GK - Games and Sports

Objective General Knowledge
Q.Who among the following cricketers has been declared the "Cricketer of the Twentieth Century" by the ICC?
 1Shane Warne
 2Kapil Dev
 3Sunil Gavaskar
 4Brian Lara
  Ans: 1
Q.Who received the Wisden Award for the 'Indian Cricketer of 20th Century'?
 1Sachin Tendulkar
 2Kapil Dev
 3Anil Kumble
 4Sunil Gavaskar
  Ans: 2
Q.To which game is Davis Cup related?
 1Lawn Tennis
  Ans: 1
Q.Which of the following trophies is NOT associated with cricket?
 1Thomas Cup
 2Rohinton Baria Trophy
 3Duleep Trophy
 4Charminar Challenge Cup
  Ans: 1
Q.Agha Khan Cup is associated with which of the following games?
  Ans: 3
Q.'Cannon, Cue and Pot' are three terms associated with:
 1Golf Only
 2Billiards only
 3BilliardsGolf and Shooting
 4Both Billiards and Golf
  Ans: 4
Q.No. of players in a team of Water Polo is:
  Ans: 2
Q.The term 'Grad Slam' is associated with:
 3Lawn Tennis
  Ans: 3
Q.With which game is Subroto Cup associated?
  Ans: 4
Q.Who is the winner of ICC ODI cricketer of the year for 2011-12?
 1Gautam Gambhir
 2Kumar Sangakara
 3Richard Levi
 4Virat Kohli
  Ans: 4

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