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Objective General Knowledge

.In which of the following cities, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose laid the foundation of 'Indian National Army'?
  Ans: 1
Q.When did Muslim League first make its demand for a separate Muslim nation of Pakistan?
  Ans: 4
Q.Among the following who was not the President of India?
 1Zakir Husain
 2C. Rajagopalachari
 3V.V. Giri
 4N. Sanjeeva Reddy
  Ans: 2
Q.Government had constituted a panel for suggesting de-control of sugar industry. This panel submitted its report in October 2012 under the Chairmanship of -
 1Anand Sinha
 2C. Rangarajan
 3M. Rafeeq Ahmed
 4Deepak Parekh
  Ans: 2
Q.Kumbum is a monastery found in which of the following countries?
  Ans: 3
Q.The Indian Institute of Toxicology Research reported that the water in and around the the deserted Union Carbide plant is contaminated and not fit for consumption. Where is this Union Carbide plant located?
  Ans: 4
Q.Name the astronaut of Indian American origin who took over the command of International Space Station on September 2012.
 1Rakesh Sharma
 2Kalpana Chawla
 3Sunita Williams
 4Tessy Thomas
  Ans: 3
Q.World Trade Organization (WTO) has ranked India as the _____ largest player in the global service trade.
  Ans: 3
Q.A committee had been constituted to review taxation in IT sector under the Chairmanship of -
 1Anita Kapur
 2N. Rangacharya
 3Y. B. Reddy
 4C. Rangarajan
  Ans: 2
Q.Which Indian Bollywood actress was appointed as International Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nation programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)?
 1Aishwarya Rai
 2Katrina Kaif
 3Kareena Kapoor
 4Vidya Balan
  Ans: 1
Q.China recently objected to the participation of an Indian Company in its joint venture with another country for offshore oil exploration. Which one among the following is that country?
 2South Korea
 3Sri Lanka
  Ans: 4
Q.ISRO recently gave clearance for using which trequency band from satellite for internet on trains?
 1C Band
 2KU Band
 3S Band
 43G Spectram
  Ans: 2
Q.Which among the following states is not awarded Krishi Karman Awards for 2011-12?
 1Madhya Pradesh
  Ans: 3
Q.Who is the chairman of Fourteenth Finance Commission?
 1Prof Abhijit Sen
 2Dr. Y.V.Reddy
 3Ms. Sushma Nath
 4Dr. M.Govinda Rao
  Ans: 2
Q.Who is the chairman of the 20th Law Commission of India?
 1Justice Balakrishnan
 2Justice M. Kartzu
 3Justice J. S. Verma
 4Justice D. K. Jain
  Ans: 4
Q.As per the latest Global Competitiveness Report 2012-13, brought out by World Economic Forum, a Swiss non-profit foundation based in Geneva, India ranks is -
  Ans: 1
Q.“Water Conservation Day” observed on -
 120th November
 219th November
 324th November
 431st October
  Ans: 2
Q.National Education Day observed on
 111th November
 214th November
 35th September
 421st May
  Ans: 1
Q.Which of the following Articles of Indian Constitution ensures Freedom of Press in India?
 1Article 356
 2Article 22
 3Article 327
 4Article 19
  Ans: 4
Q.The International Date Line is approximately equal to
 1The Equator
 2100th Meridian
 3180th Meridian
 4None of these
  Ans: 3

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