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Dates and Events Outside India

First Olympic Games in Greece

58Caesar’s invasion of Gaul

Roman Invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar

4Birth of Jesus Christ

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

43Roman Conquest of Britain

375Invasion of Europe by Huns

570Birth of Prophet Mohammed at Mecca

The end of the Roman Empire

Beginning of the Hizri Era (Muslim Calendar)

Battle of Hastings; Norman conquest of England

1215Magna Carta signed (June 15th) by King John II at Runnymede in England

Hundred years War broke out between England and France

Black Death Plague in Europe

1492Columbus discovered America


Vasco-de-gama, a Portuguese discovered the sea route to India

Defeat of Spanish Armada

Gun powder plot in England for blowing up the English Parliament

King Charles beheaded—beginning of Commonwealth in England

1660Restoration of British Monarchy

1688Bloodless or Glorious Revolution in England

Establishment of British Constitutional Monarchy

Declaration of American Independence (July 4)

1789French Revolution (Aug. 27)

1805Battle of Trafalgar

1815Battle of Waterloo (June 18th)

1821Death of Napoleon

The Crimean War

Suez Canal opened for traffic

Russian-Japanese War

Discovery of South Pole by Commander Perry

Amundsen reach South Pole

1914World War I broke out (July 28th)

1917Russian Revolution (Oct.)

1918(Nov. 11th) End of World War I

1919Treaty of Versailles

1933Hitler-becomes Chancellor of Germany

World War II broke out 1st Sept.; England joins War (Sep. 3rd)

1941Hitler invades Russia (June 2nd); Japan attacks Pearl Harbour (Dec. 7th), U.S.A. enters World War II

1942Battle of El Alamein (July)

1945First Atom Bomb dropped on Hiroshima on 6th Aug. Second Atom Bomb dropped on Nagasaki on 9th Aug; End of World War II

1948Burma achieves independence (Jan. 14th); Ceylon achieves independence (Feb. 6th); Jewish State of Israel formed in Palestine (May 14th); Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the General Assembly on 10th Dec.

1955Bandung Conference

1956(July 20) Suez Canal nationalized by President Nasser of Egypt

Russia launches the first artificial satellite (Oct. 4th) 1962 (April 12) Man’s first entry into space. Russia successfully launches her space vhicle VOSTOK-1 with a human being aboard, Major Yuri Gagarin.

1963Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty (Aug. 5)

Luna-9 a Russian spacecraft softlands on the Moon

1967Arab Israel War (June 5th)

1968Five Warsaw Pact Powers (East Germany, Poland, U.S.S.R., Bulgaria and Hungry) invade Czechoslovakia (Aug. 21)

Armstrong and Aldrin land on the moon on 21st July; Conrad and Bean land on the moon on 19th Nov.

1970Russo-German Non-aggression Treaty (Aug. 8); Third Nonaligned Summit Conference at Lusaka (Sept. 8); Luna-17 softlands on the moon’s surface with Lunakhod-1 (Nov. 17) First General Elections in Pakistan (Dec. 7); Sixth Asian Games at Bangkok (Dec. 9).

Genocide in Bangla Desh by Pakistan; Indo-Soviet Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Co-operation (Aug. 9). China’s admission to U.N.O. and expulsion of Taiwan from its membership; Indo-Pak War (Dec. 3-17); Liberation of Bangla Desh.

Indo Bangladesh Treaty of friendship, peace and cooperation; Pioneer-10 launched towards Jupiter (March 3); Bangla Desh admitted to Commonwealth (April 18); Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty-I signed between Russia and U.S.A. (May 27); Indo-Pak Simla Agreement (July 3); Munich Olympic Games (Aug. 26 to 11 Sept.); Ceylon becomes Republic of Sri Lanka (May 22);

1973Vietnam Peace Settlement; End of War in Laos, 4th Arab Israel War (Oct.)

Indo-Pak-Bangladesh Tripartite Agreement; War in Cyprus; Asian Games in Tehran (Iran); Bangla Desh admitted to the U.N.

1975The year 1975 was observed as International Women’s year (Jan. 1) death of Chiang-Kai-Shek (April 5); Suez Canal reopened (June 5); Mozambique achieves independence (June 25); Apollo-Soyuz joint test flight (July 17); Helsinki Declaration signed by 35 nations (33 European and U.S.A. and Canada) (Aug. 1); Angola becomes free (Nov. 10); Surinam achieves independence (Nov. 25).

1976Death of Chou-En-lai (Jan. 8); UNCTAD-IV opened in Nairobi (May 5); Fifth Non-Aligned Summit in Colombo opened (July 17); Olympic Games at Montreal (Canada) from July 17 to Aug. 1; 2nd World Hindi Convention at Port Louis (Aug. 28); Death of Mao Tse Tung (Sept. 9); Angola becomes member of the U.N.O. (Dec. 1).

General Elections in Pakistan (March 7); the conference in New Delhi of the Foreign Ministers of the Co-ordinating Bureau of the non-aligned countries; assumption of office by Jimmy Carter as the 39th President of the U.S.A.; SEATO wounded up (June 30); Deposition of Z. A. Bhutto from Prime Ministership of Pakistan and military rule in Pakistan begins (July 5th); 2nd Five Nation ASEAN summit conference opens at Kualalampur (August 4); U.S.A. and Panama reach agreement on control over Panama Canal (Aug. 10); New Soviet Constitution inaugurated (Oct. 7); Admission of Vietnam to the U.N.O.

1978White-black accord on interim government in Rhodesia (Feb. 15); Mr. Z.A. Bhutto, the deposed Pakistan P.M. sentenced to death with four others (March 18); special U.N. Session on Disarmament (May and June); Non-aligned Nations Foreign Ministers conference in Belgrade (July-August); Sri Lanka adopts new constitution (Sept. 7), Israel and Egypt reach accord at Camp David (Setp. 18); Death of Pope Paul I (Sept. 29); Pope Paul II installed (Oct. 22); Widespread violence in Iran. 1979 Start of the International year for the children (Jan. 1); Ayatollah Khomeini proclaimed President of Iran; China invades Vietnam (Feb. 17); China declares ceasefire in Vietnam (March 3); Iran is proclaimed an Islamic Republic (April 1); Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto hanged (April 4); Egypt Israel Peace Treaty; UNCTAD-V held at Manila (May-June); SALT-II signed by Russia and America (June 18); Skylab falls on the earth (July 11); 6th Non-aligned Nations Summit Conference at Havana (Sept.).

1980U.N. calls for Soviet troops withdrawal (Jan. 14); UNIDO-III Conference in New Delhi (Feb. 9); Mr. Abolhassan Bani Sadr elected the first President of Iran (Feb. 4); U.S.A. back in I.L.O. (March 4); Mugabe’s victory in Rhodesia, Nepal favours partyless panchayat system, Rhodhesia becomes Zimbabwe (April 17); Marshall Tito is dead (May 4); Death of Japan’s Prime Minister Masooshi Ohira.

Greece enters European Common Market (Jan. 1st); Reagan new-President of America (Jan. 20); Non-aligned Foreign Ministers conference (Feb. 13); Francois Mitterand became President of France (May 21); India’s first communication Satellite APPLE launched by the Ariane rocket of the European Space Agency from Kourou in French Guyana (June 19); the Republic of Vanuate became 155th member of UNO (July 8).

Soviet space craft Venus-13 lands-on Venus (3rd) (March 1); Two Soviet climbers scale Everest (May 4); Spain becomes 16th member of NATO (May 30); Emergency declared in Sri Lanka (July 30); Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev dies (Nov. 10).

1983Pakistan receives 3 F-16 aircraft from U.S.A. (Jan. 15); U.S.A. rejects move for N. free Zone (Jan. 29); P.L.O. rejects Reagan’s peace plan (Feb. 14); Russia rejects U.S. proposal on N. Missiles (May 14); Lt. Gen. Ershad Hussain proclaims himself President of Bangladesh (Dec. 11).

1984Brunei becomes independent (Jan. 1); Soviet President and party Chief Yuri Andropov dies after a long illness (Feb. 10); Konstanin Chernenko becomes the new Soviet Communist Party General Secretary (Feb. 13); Ronald Reagan re-elected President of the U.S.A. (Nov. 6); U.S.A. no longer a member of UNESCO (Dec. 31).

Reagan announces increase in defence budget (Feb. 4); UNCTAD drive for technology transfer (April 3); SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation) draft pact approved (May 14); Gromyko becomes President of U.S.S.R. (July 3); Pak Success in N-trigger test (July 12); Sino U.S. nuclear Accord (July 23); Coup in Uganda (July 27); S. African poet and revolutionary Moloise is hanged (Oct. 18); SAARC is formally established at Dacca (Dec. 9); Martial Law lifted in Pakistan (Dec. 30).

American Sapce shuttle Challenger burns in Space (Jan. 28); Swedish P.M. Olaf Palme murdered in Stockholm (March 1); Mrs. Acquino assumes Presidency in Phillipines (Feb. 25); 7 Developed Nations Summit (G-7) meets at Tokyo (May 4-7); 7 Nations Commonwealth summit at London (Aug. 2-5); U.S.A. violates SALT (Nov. 29).

Bloodless Coup in Fiji (May 13); 7 Developed Nations meet in Venice (June 8-10); Rajiv and Jaywardhene sign Colombo accord (July 29); CHOGM at Vancuver (Oct. 11-16); 3rd SAARC summit held at Kathmandu (Nov. 2-5).

1988Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan is dead in Peshawar (Jan. 20); Pakistan tests missile (May 25); G-7 meeting in Toronto (June 22); Zia and 29 others died in aircrash (Aug. 17); Military takeover in Burma (Sept. 18); 24th Olympics in Seoul (Sept. 17–Oct. 2); 4th SAARC summit commenced in Islamabad (Dec. 29).

Kaifu assumes Prime Ministership in Japan (Aug. 10); 9th NAM Summit held in Belgrade (Sept. 4–7); CHOGM ends deliberations in Kualalampur (Oct. 24); Mr. Ion Iliescu appointed President of Romania (Dec. 26).

Namibia became independent country (Mar. 21); G-15 Summit meet began in Kualalampur (June 1); G-7 meet in Heuston (July 9–11); Unification of East and West Germanies (Oct. 3); New Constitution enforced in Nepal (Nov. 9); John Major became Prime Minister of England (Nov. 28); Shahabuddin takes over as President in Bangladesh (Dec. 6); Leck Walesa elected President of Poland (Dec. 10).

1991Gulf War began (Jan. 17); Gulf War end (Feb. 28); Yeltsin elected President of Russian Federation (June 13); President Bush of U.S.A. and President Gorbachov of U.S.S.R. signed START for 15 years in Moscow (July 13); Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, N. Korea, S. Korea, Marshal Islands and Micronesia admitted to UNO (Sept. 7); CHOGM meets at Harare (Oct. 16); G-77 Summit in Tehran (Nov. 17) G-15 Summit at Carakas (Nov. 26); SAARC Summit in Colombo (Dec. 21); Gorbachov resigns—U.S.S.R. dissolved (Dec. 25).

1992First summit talks between Bush and Yeltsin in Camp David (Feb. 1); 12 European Countries signed a treaty for unity in Masstricht (Feb. 7); South and North Korea signed a treaty regarding Nuclear weapons (Feb. 19); Ten CIS states have been admitted to the NATO in Brussels (Mar. 11); ‘Earth Summit’ at Rio-de-Jenerio, a city of Brazil (June 3-14); Barcelona Olympics inaugurated (July 25); 10th NAM Conference inaugurated at Jakarta, Indonesia (Sept. 1); G-15 Summit held in Dakar (Nov. 21–23).

1993Czechoslovakia split into two Republics (Jan. 1); Bush and Yeltsin sign START II in Moscow (Jan. 3); Bill Clinton became 42nd President of U.S.A. (Jan. 20); The Seventh summit of the SAARC (April 10-11); Israel-PLO Accord signed (Sept. 13); Commonwealth Summit held in Limosom (Syprus) (Oct. 21–25).

1994Yadav Kant Silval new SAARC Secretary General (Jan. 1); NATO Summit in Brussels (Jan. 10); The Biggest ever world trade treaty was signed in Marrakesh (April 15); U.N. Conference on Population and Development (Sept. 5–13), Israel-Jordan Accord signed (Oct. 26).

G-7 Summit in Halifax (June 16–21); Coup in Qatar (June 27); Israel-PLO sign agreement in Washington (Sept. 28); Israel’s P.M. Yatzik Rabin killed (Nov. 5); Miss Venezuela Jacqueline Aguilera Marcano became Miss World (Nov. 19); SAARC Foreign Ministers conference in New Delhi (Dec. 18-19).

1996Russia joins European Council (Jan. 26); Sheikh Hasina Wajed was sworn in as the country’s second woman Prime Minister (June 23); Shabuddin Ahmed elected as the new President of Bangladesh (July 23); Leander Paes ends India’s Olympic by winning a bronze medal (Aug. 3); Russia’s celebrated mission to Mars failed (Nov. 17); World Bank, IMF sign pacts with W.T.O. (Dec. 10).

1997Ghana’s Mr. Kofi Annan took office as the seventh U.N. Secretary General (Jan. 1); Ninth SAARC Summit concluded in Male (May 14); Miss USA Brooke Mahealani Lee was crowned Miss Universe (May 17); Yeltsin signed NATO pact (May 27); Three day Summit of G-7 concluded in Denver (June 22); Hong-Kong heads back into China fold (June 30); Historic space mission accomplished as Pathfinder lands on Mars planet (July 5); Rodalfo C. Severino elected the new Secy. General for ASEAN (July 24); Mohammad Khatami elected the President of Iran (Aug. 3); Princess Diana died in car accident (Aug. 31); The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet (CHOGM) was held at Edinburgh (Oct. 24–27); 7th Summit of G-15 ended (Nov. 5); Diana Haden of India was crowned Miss World 1997 (Nov. 23); First tissue culture grown in space (Dec. 9); Nelson Mandela resigned Presidentship of African National Congress (Dec. 17); Rafiq Tarar was elected the President of Pakistan (Dec. 31).

Space Shuttle Endeavour blasts off for Mir (Jan. 23); Winter Olympics begin at Nagano, Japan (Feb. 5); Ezer Weizman reelected the President of Israel (March 4); Path Finder is dead (March 11); Titanic won the 11 Oscar awards (March 24); Pakistan Test Fires ‘Gauri’ Missile (April 6); Historic accord for North Ireland (April 20); Eighth summit of G-15 was held in Cairo (May 13); France won the 1998 Football World Cup (July 12); 10th SAARC Summit held in Colombo (July 29–31); 12th Non-Aligned Summit ended in Durban (Sept. 4); Linor Abargil of Israel elected the new Miss World 1998 (Nov. 27).

19999th Summit of G-15 ended in Montego Bay (Feb. 10–12), Shakespears in Love bags 7 Oscar (Mar. 22), Australia lifts 1999 Cricket World Cup by defeating Pakistan (June 20), Military revolt in Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif government toppled, Gen. Parwez Musarraf assumes supreme powers (Oct. 13), Pakistan suspended from the Commonwealth (Oct. 18), Abdurrehman Wahid elected President of Indonesia (Oct. 20), Nawaz Sharif arrested (Nov. 12), W.T.O. conference begins in Seatle (Nov. 30), Macau is reverted to China by Portugal (Dec. 19-20), Panama canal is handed over by USA to Panama (Dec. 31).

2000UNCTAD’s X session in Bangkok (Feb. 12–19), Vladimir Putin elected new President of Russia (Mar. 27), Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party Chief Yoshiro Mori elected new PM of Japan (Apr. 5), G-77 Summit Conference (Apr. 12–14), Fiji’s Prime Minister Mahendra Pal Chaudhuri deposed taken hostage by George Speight (May 19), 10th G-15 summit opens at Cairo (June 19), 27th Olympiad at Sydney inaugurated (Sept. 15), Sydney Olympiad concludes (Oct. 1), EU—Russia Summit (Oct. 30), The Mekong-Ganga Co-operation (MGC) launched (Nov. 10).

George W. Bush installed as the 43rd President of America (Jan. 20), African Union (AU) comes into being (May 26), U.S. President George W. Bush declares his intention to withdraw from ABM Treaty (Aug. 23), The U.S.A. comes under terrorist attack as hijacked planes ran into World Trade Centre and Pentagon killing thousands (Sept. 11), End of Taliban regime in Afghanistan (Dec. 7), New Interim Government under the leadership of Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan formed (Dec. 22).

11th SAARC Summit Conference in Kathmandu (Jan. 4–6), SAARC Information Ministers’ Conference in Islamabad (March 7–9), 2002 World Cup Soccer tournament opening in S. Korea and Japan (May 31), G-8 Nations Summit Conference at Kananaskis, Alberta (Canada) (June 27-28), 17th Commonwealth Games (July 25 to Aug. 4), SAARC Foreign Ministers’ Conference at Kathmandu (Aug. 21-22), With East Timore admitted to its fold UN membership rises to 191 (Sept. 27), Iraq accepts the UN resolution (Nov. 13), G-20 countries take steps to check financing of terrorism at a meeting at Delhi (Nov. 23), The Pakistan P.M. Mr. Jamali wins trust vote (Dec. 30), World’s first commercial magnetically levitated High Speed Train’s inaugural ride in China (Dec. 31).

2003International Year of Fresh Water starts (Jan. 1), Soviet spacecraft Soyuz TMA-2 returns from space and safelands in Kazakhstan (May 3), G-8 Summit Conference held in Evian, France (June 1–3), 7th World Hindi Conference in Surinam (June 5–9), WTO’s 5th Ministerial Conference at Cancun, Mexico (Sept. 10–14), The Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) Summit concludes in Bangkok (Oct. 21), USA Spacecraft Voyager-I reaches the end of the solar system (Dec. 5), European Union’s Summit Conference in Brussels (Dec. 12-13), Saddam Hussain the former dictator of Iraq captured by American forces (Dec. 13-14).

USA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit lands safely on the surface of the planet Mars (Jan. 3), SAFTA (South Asia Free Trade Area) Agreement signed at Islamabad (Jan. 4), SAARC Summit Conference at Islamabad (Jan. 4–6), SAARC Nations sign social charter (Jan. 5), G-15 summit conference held in Venezuelan capital Caracas (Feb. 27-28), Brian Lara of the West Indies becomes world’s first batsman to score 400 runs in a single innings in a test match (April 12), 10 new nations join the European Union raising its strength goes up to 25 (May 1), Celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Panchsheel (June 14-15), The Seven Nations BIMSTEC conference in Bangkok (July 30-31), The APEC Summit Conference in Santiago (Nov. 20-21).

2005The Kyoto Protocol comes into effect (Feb. 16), Latvia endorses E.U. Constitution (June 2), G-77 Summit Conference held in Doha, Qatar (June 15, 16), G-8 Summit meet at Gleneagles, Scotland concludes (July 6, 8), European Space Agency’s Probe Mission Venus Express launched from Baikanour (Nov. 9), The 13th SAARC Summit Conference held in Dhaka (Nov. 12-13), India–ASEAN Summit (Dec. 12), East Asia Summit (Dec. 13-14), 6th WTO ministerial conference in Hong Kong (Dec. 13–18), 8th BIMSTEC ministerial conference at Dhaka (Dec. 19).

2006Vietnam reaches an agreement with the United States to join the World Trade Organisation (May 14), Japanese Prime Minister announces the withdrawal of his country’s troops from Iraq (June 30), Typhoon Saomai, the strongest typhoon to hit China in 50 years, kills more than 100 people in eastern province of Zheijiang and Fujian (Aug. 11), Europe’s first spacecraft the moon ended its three-year mission with a planned crash on the lunar surface (Sept. 3), 14th Summit Conference of APEC at Hanoi, Vietnam (Nov. 16), Chinese President Hu Jintao’s India visit (Nov. 20-23), The 15th Asiad opened in Doha (Dec. 1), The 15th Asiad comes to a close in Doha with China topping the medals tally and India occupying 8th place (Dec. 15).

2007Ban Ki-Moon of South Korea took over as U.N. General Secretary (Jan. 1), Vladimir Putin, President of Russia reaches India on a two day visit (Jan. 25), Roger Federer of Switzerland wins Australian open 2007 men’s singles title (Jan. 28), New Friendship Treaty between India and Bhutan signed (Feb. 9), North Korea agrees to stop its nuclear programme in the six party meet held in Beijing (Feb. 13), China launches a communications satellite for Nigeria, a first for an African country (May 14), Astronaut Sunita Williams returns to Earth on Atlantis after spending 195 days at ISS (June 23), The three day conference of 8th World Hindi Conference hosted by United Nation (July 10), Bangladesh’s former Prime Minister Khalida Zia arrested by the military supported interim government of Bangladesh (Sept. 3), Philippine’s former President Estrada sentenced to life imprisonment (Sept. 12), ICC Twenty-20 World Cricket Cup final held in Johannesburg South Africa (Sept. 24), Yasuo Fakuda elected Japan’s new Prime Minister (Sept. 25), Pakistan President, Gen. Parvez Musharraf declares emergency in Pakistan (Nov. 3), Third OPEC Summit concludes in Riyodh with Riyodh declaration (Nov. 18), 13th ASEAN Summit concludes in Singapore (Nov. 22), Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) ends in Kampala, Uganda (Nov. 25), Miss China Zilin Zhang crowned Miss World-2007 (Dec. 1), President Musharraf lifts emergency in Pakistan (Dec. 15), Girija Prasad Koirala government in Nepal moves a Bill in the interim Parliament to amend the constitution to declare Nepal a Federal Democratic Republic (Dec. 24), Iran develops a new rocket with a range of 2,000 km (Nov. 27), Former Pakistan PM Benazir Bhutto has been killed in a blast (Dec. 27).

2008Arjun Ranatunga was appointed Chairman of Sri Lanka Cricket after the resignation of Jayanta Dharmadasa (Jan. 1), Pakistan test fires a medium-range ballistic missile Shaheen (Hatf-4) (Jan. 25), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and India conclude the fifth round of talks on India-specific safeguards agreement which is crucial for Indo-US Civil Nuclear Deal (Feb. 28), Hu Jintao re-elected Chinese President (March 14), Pakistan National Assembly begins its session following February 18 elections (March 17), Kamlesh Sharma takes over as Commonwealth Secretary General (April 1), Beijing Olympic Games 2008 begins (Aug. 9), 3rd IBSA Summit held in Delhi (Oct. 15), Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) held in Beijing (Oct. 24-25), Mohd. Anni Nasheed elected new President of Maldives (Oct. 28), Presidential election in the USA, Barack Obama elected President with an overwhelming majority (Nov. 4), EU-Russia summit held at Nice, France (Nov. 14), Iraq, U.S. sign troop with drawal pact (Nov. 17), Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) sixteenth APEC economic leaders conference in Lima, Peru (Nov. 22-23), Duma passes longer Russian Presidency Bill (Nov. 26), French President Nicolas Sorgozy unveils stimulus package to help his country pull itself out of present recession (Dec. 5).

2009World Bank ban on Wipro, Mega Soft (Jan. 13), Kyrgyzstan has decided to shut down a U.S. airbase that has been instrumental for the military campaign in Afghanistan (Feb. 4), SAARC forestry centre inaugurated in Bhutan (Feb. 17), Madagascor’s new President, Andry Rajoeelina consolidated power after being appointed the military in a move that flouted the country’s Constitution (Mar. 18), The G-20 Leaders Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy was held in London (April. 2), Najib Tun Razak was sworn in Malaysia’s 6th Prime Minister (April 3), Kriston Dalton became Miss USA 2009 (April 20), U. S. aid law soft on Pakistan (May 21), Amitabh Bachchan refused to accept doctorate degree of Australian Quees-land’s University (June 1), Pro-western alliance wins in parliamentary elections in Lebanon (June 8), China cautions India on troop build-up near border (June 11), Pakistan won 2nd ICC Twenty-20 World Cup Cricket (June 23), 15th NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) summits begins at Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt (July 14), More than 40 people including Politicians, Officials and several rabbis are arrested in a FBI operation in the USA (July 24), China evacuates as storm strikes (Aug. 10).


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