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CTET One Word Substitution (English Gramma

One Word Substitution

In competitive examinations (BITSAT, NDA, University Graduate entrance...), often there are questions on 'one word substitution'. Here is a list to help you.

One word substitution is also important to write or speak something very precisely. Class 10 grammar has a topic 'Avoid repetition' covering about it.
  1. Anarchist: One who promotes revolt against government.
  2. Convalescent: One who is recovering from illness.
  3. Omnipotent: One who is all powerful.
  4. Omnipresent: One who is present everywhere.
  5. Omniscient: One who knows everything.
  6. Gullible: One who can easily be deceived/cheated.
  7. Infallible: One who does not make mistakes.
  8. Mercenary: One who can do anything for money.
  9. Pauper: One who has no money.
  10. Volunteer: One who works for free.
  11. Bibliophile: One who loves books.
  12. Bilingual: One who can speak two languages.
  13. Philanthropist: One who loves mankind.
  14. Misanthrope: One who hates mankind.
  15. Optimist: One who looks on the bright side of things.
  16. Pessimist: One who looks on the dark side of things.
  17. Agnostic: One who doubts the existence of god.
  18. Hypocrite: One who pretends to be what he is not.
  19. Misogynist: One who hates women.
  20. Egoist: One who thinks only of himself.
  21. Stoic: One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain.
  22. Eccentric: One who has strange or irregular habits.
  23. Pedestrian: One who goes on foot.
  24. Democracy: A Government by the people.
  25. Monarchy: A Government by a king or queen.
  26. Bureaucracy: A Government by the officials.
  27. Plutocracy: A Government by the rich.
  28. Oligarchy: A Government by the few.
  29. Aristocracy: A Government by the Nobles.
  30. Archaeology: A study of ancient things.
  31. Ornithology: A study of birds.
  32. Neophyte: One who is a newcomer.
  33. Immigrant: One who lives in a foreign country.
  34. Cynic: One who questions everything.
  35. Biography: A life history written by somebody else.
  36. Autobiography: A life history written by oneself.
  37. Posthumous child: A child born after his father's death.
  38. Contemporaries: People living at the same time.
  39. Inevitable: That which cannot be avoided.
  40. Incorrigible: That cannot be corrected.

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