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Rajasthan Pre-B.Ed. Exam, 2008 : Teaching Attitude and Aptitude Test (Solved)

Rajasthan Pre-B.Ed. Exam., 2008 Solved Paper

Teaching Attitude and Aptitude Test
51. What will be most appropriate in case students conduct indecently ?
(A) To make them fell guilty
(B) To get very angry upon them
(C) To punish them
(D) To make them feel ashamed by preaching

52. Presently, the schools are not able to fulfil the following—
(A) Development of moral values
(B) Development of competence for financial prosperity
(C) Preparation of examinations for various degrees
(D) Development of affection and fraternity among children

53. Which of the following is most appropriate for a community school ?
(A) To lead the society
(B) To be the centre of social life
(C) To remain engaged in social activities
(D) To be honoured by society

54. The main task of a teacher is—
(A) to prepare good citizens from his students
(B) to compelte the prescribed syllabus
(C) to increase knowledge
(D) to do politics in the school

55. What should be the attitude of a teacher towards his students in the class ?
(A) Discriminating
(B) He should pay more attention to weak students
(C) Equal for all students
(D) He should pay more attention to intelligent students

56. A teacher should be involved in social activities—
(A) seldom
(B) only when needed
(C) very frequently
(D) never

57. On a student’s repetitive failure in examination, you will—
(A) ridicule him
(B) advise him to sit at home and do some job
(C) advise him to appear in examination privately
(D) guide him in various subjects according to his needs

58. Why is the parents-Teachers Association considered to be important ?
(A) This helps the school function properly
(B) This helps in understanding students in a better way
(C) This helps in solving the students’ problem
(D) This helps the teachers and parents coming closer

59. What will you do to inclucate the sense of dignity of labour among your students ?
(A) You will present examples before them
(B) You will place real situation before them
(C) You will engage youself in a labour related work before them
(D) You will lecture on dignity of labour

60. What will be the consequence of encouraging women education, in your opinion ?
(A) The society will progress
(B) It will improve the financial position of women
(C) It will hamper the domestic chores
(D) It will make women independent

61. Which social quality of a teacher enhances his respect ?
(A) Camp organization for students
(B) Poem recitation
(C) Literary interests
(D) Community service

62. What is the objective of teaching Arithmetic in modern primary classes ?
(A) To help students solve real problems
(B) To impart the knowledge of various formulae and principles to students
(C) To provide knowledge of square roots, L.C.M. and H.C.M. to students
(D) The familiarise students with the Laws of Simple Mathematics and Tables

63. Syllabus at primary level should be inclined towards—
(A) Course-content
(B) Social development
(C) Exercises on comprehensive subjects
(D) All the aspects of child growth.

64. Co-curricular activities outside the class-room are given a definite place in the schoolplanning
(A) it helps the school in getting recognition from government
(B) it helps the high school to reach at par with college
(C) it helps the weak students exhibit their talent in other fields
(D) it enriches the school’s teaching programme

65. The purpose of student-council is to—
(A) develop the ability of self-discipline in students
(B) simplify the problems of school management committee
(C) help the Principal in gauging the morale of various students groups and organizations
(D) involve the students in the soultion of school related problems

66. What should the Teacher’s Association do if the Management Committee refuses to accept the demands of teachers ?
(A) Take help from Parents Association to pressurize the Management Committee
(B) Take help from students to pressurize the Management Committee
(C) Teachers’ representatives should talk to the Management Committee
(D) Should go on strike to put pressure on the Management Committee

67. What should be the basis of an effecitve and successful leadership ?
(A) Personal interest
(B) Service of the group
(C) Welfare of the whole group
(D) Praise

68. What should a Principal do about justified demands of the student union ?
(A) Forward their demands to higher authorities
(B) Accept the demands after discussion
(C) Take decision after the incidents of strike and violence
(D) Bring the students on track after scolding them

69. What is advantage to students of participating in team sports ?
(A) Presentation of discipline
(B) Development of leadership qualities
(C) Enjoyment of sports and play
(D) Presentation of strength

70. What is the main responsibility of a classteacher ?
(A) To maintain discipline among the students
(B) To collect fees from students
(C) To maintain all records of the students of the class
(D) To remain alert about the health of students of class

71. …… is essential for the leadership quality.
(A) Social maturity
(B) High intellectual competence
(C) Beauty
(D) Adequate money

72. In your opinion the government sponsored Tree-Plantation Programme is.
(A) only for beautification
(B) for monetary gains
(C) necessary
(D) of no use

73. You remain …… for the fulfilment of your responsibilities.
(A) worried
(B) conscious
(C) careless
(D) Do nothing

74. To-day’s youth is wasting his time in useless activities. What will you do to make him understand the importance of time ?
(A) You will lecture him upon the importance of time
(B) You will reward the students who utilize their time properly
(C) You will set an example by utilizing your time
(D) You will punish those students who waste time

75. You are invited as chief guest in a function. You will—
(A) reach there on time
(B) reach late and fell proud
(C) reach before time
(D) reach late and apologize

76. If you want to reform education, you will begin at—
(A) Primary Level
(B) Secondary Level
(C) Graduate Level
(D) At any level

77. Ideal education is helpful in the following—
(A) A person’s livelihood
(B) A person’s self-dependence
(C) Enhancement in a person’s prestige
(D) Making a person into an intellectual

78. If you win a lottery, what will you do with the money ?
(A) Purchase a house
(B) Visit tourist places
(C) Purchase a car
(D) Open a school

79. Following is a mean of ‘Distance Education’—
(A) Television
(B) Radio
(C) Newspaper
(D) Magazines

80. Why is the knowledge of first-aid essential for a teacher ?
(A) Students may need first-aid any time
(B) Teacher needs it for his own health
(C) For the treatment of children, when they get injured in sports ground
(D) It increases the knowledge of a teacher

81. Adult education is for—
(A) illiterate adults
(B) school going adults
(C) normal adult people
(D) All of these

82. When your student performs well you will—
(A) express your happiness
(B) admire him
(C) feel jealous
(D) remain quiet

83. Generally, if students are informed about their performances soon after the examination is over, it is effective in—
(A) humiliating them
(B) punishing them
(C) tempting them
(D) strengthening their inspiration

84. What should be done to maintain discipline among students ?
(A) They should be asked questions
(B) They should be entrusted with responsibility
(C) They should be prevented from making noise
(D) They should be made to follow rules

85. Which quality is most important for students ?
(A) Hard work
(B) Obedience
(C) Humility
(D) Independent thinking

86. What will you do if your students do not take interest in studies ?
(A) You will take interest in your teaching
(B) You will make your teaching more interesting
(C) You will give examples of meritorious students
(D) You will try to know the reason for lack of interest

87. Generally, it is believed that a teacher should be ………… with the students.
(A) strict and unapproachable
(B) strict and introvert
(C) respectable, but friendly
(D) independent and approachable

88. If a student is not able to answer in your class then you will—
(A) ask another student to answer
(B) ask easier question
(C) punish him
(D) ask him to sit down

89. What will be your reaction when an otherwise punctual student comes late in your class ?
(A) You will ignore it
(B) You will try to know the reason for coming late
(C) You will scold him before other students in the class
(D) Ask him to leave the class

90. If a student avoids meeting others then—
(A) he should be left alone
(B) he should be involved in group activities
(C) he should be asked to meet others
(D) he should be compelled to meet his classmates

91. You worship God because—
(A) your friends tell you to do so
(B) it gives you inner strength
(C) you have religious atmosphere at home
(D) you fear God

92. Which of the following is most appropriate about your honesty ?
(A) I am the most honest person
(B) I have done all my tasks with a sense of duty
(C) I never accepted any gift for any work
(D) I have turned down so many tempting offers

93. If a person talks bad about your parents before you, what will you do ?
(A) Tell him to shut up
(B) Listen him carefully
(C) Break relationship with him
(D) Join him in this act

94. What is the most effective way to reform the aggressive behaviour of a child ?
(A) He should be kept in isolation
(B) Reasons for this behaviour should be investigated
(C) He should be punished severely
(D) He should be ignored

95. What will you do as Principal if a teacher of the school does not come to a function of school on time ?
(A) You will ask him to meet you after the function is over
(B) You will complain this to the management committee of the school
(C) You will scold him before everyone
(D) You will tell him about his responsibilities

96. What should a teacher do when examinations are near ?
(A) Complete the syllabus by calling students at his home
(B) Complete the syllabus by devoting extra time in school
(C) Ask the students to complete the syllabus themselves
(D) Help them solving with important questions

97. How will you resolve you differences with your colleague ?
(A) By arguing before other colleagues
(B) Complain to the Principal
(C) Resolve it mutually by trying to know the reason for this
(D) By ridiculing him

98. What is essential for the self-confidence of a teacher ?
(A) Authority on subject
(B) Social
(C) Attractive personality
(D) Richness

99. All teachers in school should be punctual because—
(A) this will make students also punctual
(B) students will understand the importance of time
(C) this will inculcate good habit in students
(D) Students become carefree

100. There is fear of social-evils affecting the schools. What will be your attitude to prevent it ?
(A) Optimistic
(B) Pessimistic
(C) Similar to other teachers
(D) Indifferent

51. (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) 0 (D) – 1
52. (A) 3 (B) 0 (C) – 1 (D) 2
53. (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) 0 (D) – 1
54. (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) 0 (D) – 1
55. (A) – 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 0
56. (A) 0 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) –1
57. (A) – 1 (B) 2 (C) 0 (D) 3
58. (A) – 1 (B) 3 (C) 2 (D) 0
59. (A) 0 (B) – 1 (C) 3 (D) 2
60. (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) – 1 (D) 0
61. (A) 2 (B) – 1 (C) 0 (D) 3
62. (A) 3 (B) 0 (C) – 1 (D) 2
63. (A) 0 (B) 2 (C) – 1 (D) 3
64. (A) 2 (B) – 1 (C) 0 (D) 3
65. (A) 3 (B) – 1 (C) 2 (D) 0
66. (A) 2 (B) 0 (C) 3 (D) – 1
67. (A) – 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 0
68. (A) 2 (B) 3 (C) – 1 (D) 0
69. (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) 0 (D) – 1
70. (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) – 1 (D) 0
71. (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) 0 (D) – 1
72. (A) 2 (B) 0 (C) 3 (D) – 1
73. (A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 0 (D) – 1
74. (A) 0 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) – 1
75. (A) 3 (B) – 1 (C) 2 (D) 0
76. (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) 0 (D) – 1
77. (A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 0 (D) – 1
78. (A) 0 (B) 2 (C) – 1 (D) 3
79. (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) 0 (D) – 1
80. (A) 3 (B) 0 (C) 2 (D) – 1
81. (A) 3 (B) 0 (C) 2 (D) – 1
82. (A) 2 (B) 3 (C) – 1 (D) 0
83. (A) 0 (B) – 1 (C) 3 (D) 2
84. (A) – 1 (B) 3 (C) 0 (D) 2
85. (A) 2 (B) 0 (C) – 1 (D) 3
86. (A) 0 (B) 2 (C) – 1 (D) 3
87. (A) 0 (B) – 1 (C) 3 (D) 2
88. (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) – 1 (D) 0
89. (A) 0 (B) 3 (C) 2 (D) – 1
90. (A) – 1 (B) 3 (C) 2 (D) 0
91. (A) – 1 (B) 3 (C) 2 (D) 0
92. (A) – 1 (B) 3 (C) 2 (D) 0
93. (A) 3 (B) 0 (C) 2 (D) – 1
94. (A) – 1 (B) 3 (C) 2 (D) 0
95. (A) 2 (B) 0 (C) – 1 (D) 3
96. (A) 2 (B) 3 (C) – 1 (D) 0
97. (A) 2 (B) 0 (C) 3 (D) – 1
98. (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) 0 (D) – 1
99. (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) 0 (D) – 1
100. (A) 3 (B) – 1 (C) 2 (D) 0

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