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List of Obituaries March 2012

List of Obituaries March 2012:
  • MANIK GODGHATE (75): Celebrated Marathi poet and author, popularly known as ‘Grace’, who gave a new meaning to every world and every phrase that he used in his poetry and bestowed with Sahitya Akademi award and Vidarbha Bhushan in 2011 died on March 26 in Pune.
  • DAVY JONES (66): Renowned UK born US singer songwriter and most popular of the monkees- the preternaturally buoyant pop group of the 1960s and afterward, died on March 10 in Paris.
  • F. SHERWOOD ROWLAND (84): The Nobel Prize winning scientist who was awarded the 1995 Nobel Prize for chemistry died on March 10.
  • KING GEORGE TUPOU V (63): An eccentric reformer and king of Tonga who relinquished democracy to the impoverished South Pacific nation, died on March 18.
  • ROBERT B SHERMAN (86): Well known songwriter of Britain who wrote the tongue twisting ‘Supercalifragilistic –expialidocious’ and other enduring songs for Disney classic and composed scores for films like ‘The Jungle Book’, Mary Poppins’ and ‘Chitty -2 Bang-2’ died on March 5 in London.
  • JEAN HENRI GASTON GIRAUD (73): The French comic book artist who worked under pseudonyms like Moebius, Gir, Giraud and Moeb and whose spectacular science fantasy based work wrought its magic on Hollywood classic such as Alien and Tron, died on March 10 in Paris.
  • CHALEO YOOVIDHYA (89): The self made Thai billionaire who created the renowned Krathing Daeng or RED Bull energy drinks three decades ago, which was popular among Thai truck drivers and labourers is dead.
  • POPE SHENOUDA III (88): The charismatic patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt for 4 decades who expanded its presence world over and worked to keep peace between the Christians and Muslims at home died on March 17.
  • BOMBAY RAVI (86): Renowned music director and song composer of Bollywood and Malayalam cinema who played a key role in bringing melody back into Malayalam cinema in the 1980s and tuned everlasting hit songs for just over a dozen films in Malayalam like- Panchagni, Vaishali etc. died on March 7 in Mumbai.
  • JOY MUKHERJEE (73): Veteran actor of Bollywood who starred in several hit films in the ‘60s, such as Love in Simla, Ziddi, Ek Musafir Ek Hasina, died on March 9 in Mumbai.
  • SOBHA BRAHMA (82): An artist sculptor from Assam who gave a contemporary stroke to the north eastern region’s tribal art and was honoured with the Kamal Kumari National Award and Bishnu Rabha Award, died on March 5 in Guwahati.

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