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IBPS CWE Clerical Cadre Exam 2011 Practice Set- 4

This is the right place to practice for IBPS CWE Clerical Exam which will be conducted by IBPS on 27 November 2011. The Practice set/Sample Questions available here will help you learn quicker approach to answer questions in exam hall, manage time, and prepare for the exams in the shortest period. This will help you gauge the benefits of your study over the months.
1. Haw many such pairs of digits are there in the number 5234816 each of which has as many digits between them in the number as when the digits are arranged in descending order within the number?

(1) None   

(2) One    

(3) Two

(4) Three    

(5) More than three

Ans: (5)

2. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so from a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

(1) Turmeric

(2) Gourd    

(3) Potato

(4) Carrot    

(5) Ginger

Ans: (2)

Directions (Q. 3 - 4): Following questions are based on the five three-digit numbers given below:
493 879 365 258 642

3. If the positions of the first and the third digits within each number are interchanged which of the following will be the second digit of the second lowest number?

(1) 9    

(2) 7    

(3) 6

(4) 5    

(5) 4

Ans: (1)

4. If '1' is added to the first digit in each number and '1' is subtracted from the third digit in each number, which of the following will be the sum of the second and third digits of the highest number ?

(1) 14

(2) 6

(3) 15

(4) 12

(5) None of these

Ans: (5)

5. Among A, B, C and D, A has to travel more than any other friend to reach the office. C travels a certain distance which is not as much as B but greater than D. Who amongst them travels the least distance to reach the office?

(1) B    

(2) D    

(3) A    

(4) Cannot be determined    

(5) None of these 

Ans: (2)

6. Four of the following five are a like in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

(1) India

(2) Asia

(3) Antarctica

(4) Australia

(5) Europe

Ans: (1)

Directions (Q. 7 - 10): Following questions are based on the five words given below:


(The new words formed after performing the mentioned operations may or may not be meaningful English words.)

7. If the given words are arranged in the order as they would appear in a dictionary from left to right, which of the following will be fourth from the left?

(1) LAP    

(2) BUT    

(3) CAR

(4) SON    

(5) HID

Ans: (1)

8. If in each of the given words, each of the consonants is changed to its previous letter and each vowel is changed to its next letter in the English alphabetical series, in how many words thus formed will at least one vowel appear?

(1) None

(2) One

(3) Two

(4) Three

(5) More than three

Ans: (4)

9. How many letters are there in the English alphabetical series between the third letter of the word which is third from the right and the first letter of the word which is first from the left of the given words?

(1) Two

(2) Five

(3) Six

(4) Nine

(5) Three

Ans: (2)

10. If the second alphabet in each of the words is changed to the next alphabet in the English alphabetical order, how many words having no vowels will be formed?

(1) None

(2) One

(3) Two

(4) Three

(5) More than three

Ans: (5)

11. If each vowel of the word PRINCELY is changed to the  next letter in the English alphabetical series and each consonant is changed to the previous letter in the English alphabetical series and then the alphabets thus formed are arranged in alphabetical order from left to right, which of the following will be fourth from the left ?

(1) M

(2) J

(3) B

(4) O

(5) K

Ans: (5)
English Language
Directions-(Q. 12 to 16) In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

     Ryan, the Zen teacher, was requested by his sister-in-law to come to her house and talk to her son. "He does no work, squanders his father's money in wild parties and is ... (12) ... the estate," she complained. "If he does not reform, we will be ruined. Ryan went to his brother's house and met his nephew who was also pleased to see him. The two of them had spent many happy hours together before Ryan had turned to Zen and......(13) ... the monastery. The young man knew why his uncle had come and braced himself for the ... (14) ... he was sure to receive. But Ryan said not a word in rebuke. The next morning when it was time for him to go, he put on his shoes and then said to his nephew : "Will you help me tie the....(15).....of my shoes? My hands shake and I cannot do it." His nephew helped him willingly. "Thank you," said Ryan. "A man becomes older and feebler day by day. You remember how strong and robust I used to be ?" "I do," said his nephew, thoughtfully. "I do indeed remember how you used to be." It was the moment of ... (16) ... for him. He suddenly realized that his mother and all those who had looked after 50. him had become old and that it was now his turn to look after them and to take on the responsibilities of the household and the community. He gave up his dissolute life forever.
(1) testing

(2) torturing

(3) patronizing

(4) mocking

(5) neglecting

Ans: (5)

(1) lived

(2) entered

(3) inaugurated

(4) moved

(5) built

Ans: (2)

(1) scolding

(2) task

(3) gift

(4) affection

(5) reward

Ans: (3)

(1) ends

(2) strands

(3) hooks

(4) threads

(5) laces

Ans: (5)

(1) success

(2) justice

(3) comfort

(4) truth

(5) adventure

Ans: (4)

Directions (Q. 17 - 20): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words in the passage have been printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

In July 1920 barely eight months after his arrival in England, Subhash Chandra Bose appeared in the Civil Service Examination and passed it with distinction. But the prospect of being a member of the bureaucracy did not make him happy. He felt that the first step towards equipping one self for public service was to sacrifice all worldly interest. Much against the wishes of his father Subhash resigned from the I.C.S. and returned to India it? July 1920. Here he became Deshbandhu's most promising recruit. When C.R: Das became the chief organiser of the boycott of the visit of Prince of Wales, Subhash was by his side. The hartal in Calcutta. was a spectacular success and both the guru and sishya found themselves in jail. This was Subhash's first incarceration, the first of a total of eleven. Later. when C.R. Das was elected Mayor of Calcutta, Subhash was appointed Chief Executive Officer, While holding this post he was arrested in a case of conspiracy and was lodged without trial in Mandalay jail for two-and-a-half years. After release from jail, he became President of the Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee and once again resumed his political activities.

Subhash became President of the All India Youth Congress, Central Officer Commanding of the Congress Volunteer Corps, and in 1920, was the co-founder, with" Jawaharlal Nehru of the Left Wing of the Congress Party. He also became President of the All India Trade Union Congress in 1931. His dynamism was a source of inspiration for the trade unionists in the struggle for their rights as well as for India's freedom. In 1938, he was elected President of the Indian National Congress at the Haripura Session. This was the time when Congress ministries were in office in seven states under the scheme of Provincial Autonomy granted under the Government of India Act of 1935. He emphasised on the revolutionary potential of the Congress ministries in the presidential address. He was re-elected Congress President the following year at Tripuri, defeating he veteran, Dr. Pattabhi Sitaramayya though the latter enjoyed Gandhiji's support.'

17. When Subhash was the Chief Executive Officer

(1) he was arrested in a conspiracy case

(2) the Government oflndia Act of 1935 was passed

(3) he became President of the Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee

(4) The hartal in Calcutta was observed

(5) None of these
Ans: (1)

18. Why was hartal observed' in Calcutta?

(1) Against the decision of sending Subhash to jail for two and a half years

(2) Against the detention of Deshbandhu C.R. Das by police

(3) Against the visit of the Prince of Wales to India

(4) Against the atrocities committed by the British rulers

(5) Against the ban imposed on trade union activities

Ans : (3)

19. Which of the following statements is TRUE in the context of the passage?

(1) The session of the Congress party was held at Calcutta

(2) Subhash liked the idea of working in a bureaucratic set up

(3) Subhash became the President of the All India Trade Union Congress in 1928

(4) In British rule, Congress was allowed to form ministries in States

(5) Subhash was lodged in the Mandalay jail after a proper trial
Ans: (4)

20. Shri c.n. Das (was)

(1) the-co-founder of the Left Wing of the Congress Party

(2) the President of.the All India youth Congress

(3) arrested and lodged in Mandalay jail without trial

(4) organised the boycott of the visit of Price of Wales

(5) elected unopposed as the President of the congress Party
Ans: (4)
Numerical Ability
21. 67.39 -11.78 + 19.63 =?
                               + 22.41

(1) 52.73

(2) 52.83

(3) 65.78

(4) 64.78

(5) None of these

Ans: (2)

Directions-(Q.22 to 25) What will come in place of question mark (?) in the following questions?

22. 22% of 250 + 35% of 460 = ?

(1) 216

(2) 226

(3) 232

(4) 242

(5) None of these

Ans: (1)

(1) 81

(2) (81)2

(3) 3

(4) 9

(5) None of these

Ans: (4)


(1) 4

(2) 24

(3) 16

(4) 12

(5) None of these

Ans: (2)

25. 0.6 x 1.8 ; 0.5 x 12 = ?

(1) 24.92

(2) 25.92

(3) 18.46

(4) 17.46

(5) None of these

Ans: (2)

Directions- (Q. 26) what will come in place of question mark (?) in the following number series ?

26. 17,98,147,172,181,?

(1) 180

(2) 192

(3) 184

(4) 182

(5) None of these

Ans: (4)

27. Sonal runs 220 metres every day. How many kilometres will she run in 3 weeks?    

(1) 4.42    

(2) 5.62

(3) 6.32

(4) 4.62

(5) None of these

Ans: (4)

28. What will come in place of both the question marks (?) in the following question ?

(1) 15

(2) (225)2

(3) 225    

(4) √15

(5) √45

Ans: (1)

29. The simple interest accrued in 8 years on a principal of Rs.20,000 is one-tenth the principal. What is the rate of simple interest p.c.p.a. ?

(1) 1.15

(2) 2.25

(3) 1.25    

(4) 2.75

(5) None of these

Ans: (3)

30. The ratio between the present ages of Punit and Suresh is 4 : 5 respectively. After seven years Punit's age will be 31 years. What was Suresh's age 4 years ago?

(1) 24 years

(2) 28 years

(3) 34 years

(4) 30 years

(5) None of these

Ans: (5)

Computer Knowledge

31. Which of the following controls the process of interaction between the user and the operating system?

(1) User interface

(2) Language translator

(3) Platform

(4) Screen saver

(5) None of these

Ans: (1)

32. You will work on which groupings, while formating the text in word?

(1) Table, paragraph and index

(2) Paragraph, index and section

(3) Character, paragraph and section

(4) Index, character and table

(5) None of these

Ans: (2)

33. When you want to move some text from one page to a different page, the best method is-

(1) drag and drop

(2) cut and paste

(3) delete and retype

(4) find and replace

(5) None of these

Ans: (2)

34. The first computers were programmed using-

(1) assembly language

(2) machine language

(3) source code

(4) object code

(5) spaghetti code

Ans: (2)

35. How many are the margins on page?

(1) Two (header and footer)

(2) Four (Upper, lower, right, left)

(3) Two (Landscape, portrait)

(4) Two (Upper and lower)

(5) None of these

Ans: (2)

36. An is a combination of hardware and software that facilitates the sharing of information between computing devices.

(1) network

(2) peripheral

(3) expansion board

(4) digital device

(5) None of these

Ans: (1)

37. The settings are automatic and standard.

(1) icon

(2) default

(3) CPU

(4) peripheral

(5) None of these

Ans: (2)

38. (1) is too long for the line of text

(2) is not in the dictionary file and therefore might be spelt incorrectly

(3) is not appropriate for that particular sentence

(4) is a verb

(5) None of these

Ans: (2)

39. Coded entries which are used to gain access to a computer system are called-

(1) Entry codes

(2) Passwords

(3) Security commands

(4) Code words

(5) None of these

Ans: (2)

40. To view information on the web you must have a-

(1) cable modem

(2) web browser

(3) Domain Name Server

(4) hypertext viewer

(5) None of these

Ans: (2)
General Awareness (with special reference to banking industry)
41. The Reserve Bank of India panel to review facilities for individuals under FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) submitted report on 10 August 2011. With regard to the following which of the following is not true

A. In the report it mentioned that the concept of non-repatriation basis or non-repatriable funds was outdated.

B. Since non-residents were given the freedom to remit $1 million annually, it was compulsory to maintain procedures under FEMA.

C. The report suggested the procedural knots in the system need to be untied to enable the present forex liberalisation to be effective.

D. Issue of take-overs underwent changes in the past and now are taken care of under the ambit of SEBI regulations and using FEMA for this purpose is superfluous and an unnecessary.

(1) 2 & 4

(2) Only 2

(3) 1 & 4

(4) Only 4

Ans: (2)

42. Name the Irish poet and human rights activist who was named Ireland’s ninth president on 30 October 2011 after winning 57% of votes in the final count of the presidential election held on 27 October 2011.

(1) Michael D Higgins

(2) Mary McAleese

(3) Douglas Hyde

(4) Mary Robinson

Ans: (1)

43. Which of the following public sector banks in November 2011 froze its lending to the power sector?

(1) State Bank of India

(2) Allahabad Bank

(3) Punjab National Bank

(4) United Bank of India

Ans: (2)

44. Who became the first Indian tennis player ever to win the Canadian U-18 ITF Junior World Ranking Championship on 17 July 2011?

(1) Ambika Pandey

(2) D Harika

(3) Koneru Humpy

(4) Chekrovolu Swuro

Ans: (1)

45. Who did the Union government appoint on 23 July 2011 as the Solicitor-General, the second senior most law officer of India?

(1) Fali S Nariman

(2) Rohinton Nariman

(3) Gopal Subramanium

(4) Harish Salve

Ans: (2)

46. India registered a __ per cent increase in tiger population in 2010, according to a report, Status of tigers, co-predators and prey in India-2010, released on 28 July 2011.

(1) 20

(2) 30

(3) 15

(4) 12

Ans: (1)
47. According to the WPI data released by the Commerce and Industry Ministry on 3 November 2011, food inflation surged to what per cent for the week ended 22 October 2011 owing to soaring prices of various edibles such as vegetables, fruits, pulses, milk and all other protein-rich items?

(1) 11.55%

(2) 12.25%

(3) 12.21%

(4) 11.12%

Ans: (3)

48. World Investment Report 2011 was released by UNCTAD on 26 July 2011. According to the report, what is India’s position among the top 20 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) recipients?

(1) 8th

(2) 10th

(3) 14th

(4) 4th

Ans: (3)

49. The First Trojan Asteriod of earth discovered by the scientists. What is its name?

(1) 2010TK7

(2) 2010KT7

(3) 2010XY

(4) 2010YX

Ans:  (1)

50. Billionaire entrepreneur Ajay Piramal purchased 5.5% stake in which of the following mobile service providers for Rs. 2900 crore, or $640 million?

(1) Idea Cellular

(2) Vodafone Essar

(3) Bharti Airtel

(4) MTNL

Ans: (2)

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